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Fun facts about yoga

Fun facts about yoga

While Yoga is no panacea, it does provide weight-bearing exercise with none of the dangers that lead to osteoarthritis. Yoga pits one muscle group against another to generate forces far greater than gravity. Yoga is isometric exercise. It is also weight bearing.

Both of these types of activity have been proven to improve bone strength. Unlike most pilates white plains forms of “weight-bearing” activity, Yoga does not damage cartilage or lead to osteoarthritis, another peril of aging.

Yoga benefits

Yoga stretches the muscles, increasing the range of motion that osteoarthritis otherwise inexorably narrows. By improving range of motion, Yoga counters the chief and sometimes terrible impairment that comes with osteoarthritis.

A Yoga Teacher teaches spiritual and physical exercise for health and happiness. A Yoga Teacher can help with anxiety, arthritis, migraines, osteoporosis, and pregnancy. A Yoga Teacher can be a therapeutic Yoga Teacher, a spiritual Yoga Teacher, or a Yoga Teacher for kids, couples, corporations, or seniors.

Yoga tourists 

The tourist infrastructure is developed enough that you’ll be able to realize your every whim. Want to get married barefoot on a white sand beach at dusk, torches lighting your way to the altar? Not a problem. I’ve heard of couples marrying at the base of thundering waterfalls, the spray so drenching the wedding yoga holidays italy party that everyone wound up in their underwear. Or people tying the knot in a jungle lodge, near the rim of an active volcano, or hundreds of feet above the treetops, clipped into zip lines on one of the ever-popular canopy tours. I even heard of one couple who married in matching toucan outfits.

Stress relief

Next to exercise, stress can be reduced through relaxation exercises. These include yoga and meditation, which can be easily performed within the comfort of your own home. There are also plenty of resources available to help you get started, including classes at your local gym and most likely a number of personal instructors offering their services. This is especially popular during the holidays , and is usually more affordable than having to join a gym. When in doubt, simply purchasing a book or video can help you get started so you can be well on your way to having a stress-free holiday season.

Clothing on retreats

Clothing. Whilst this may sound silly. Check out what style of clothing is allowed on your retreat. Some retreats are very traditional and would expect you to cover up and wear tee-shirts and long pants; even if you travel to a hot climate, because of local customs. You may be discouraged from practicing yoga in shorts or a bikini. Likewise, if you are going on a more spiritual retreat, you may be expected to cover your hair if you are a woman. Rather than assert your independence when you get there, it is far better to find out what the local customs and dress code of your retreat is beforehand.

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